M. Seetha Lekshmy, R. Santhi
ISBN 9789382459323
Pages: 416
1. Introduction to Vermitechnology, 2.General Characters of Annelida, 3. The Habitat Of Earthworm (Soil) , 4. Diversity of Earthworms , 5. Collection of Earthworms, 6. Preservation of Earthworms, 7. Vermiculture Techniques, 8. Vermicomposting Technology, 9. Methods of Vermicomposting, 10. Large Scale Manufacture of Vermicompost, 11. Worm Casts, 12. Vermicompost, 13. Vermiwash, 14. Role of Earthworms in Soil Fertility, 15. Use of Vermicompost for Crop Production, 16. Use of Vermicompost in Land improvement and Reclamation, 17. Role of Earthworms in Waste Management, 18. Vermifilter, 19. Earthworm as Farmer’s Friend, 20. Earthworms as Bioreactors, 21. Organic farming, 22. Marketing of Vermicomposting Products, 23. Interaction of Earthworms with other Organisms, 24. Influence of Chemical Inputs on Earthworm Activity, 25. Economic Importance of Earthworm, 26. Financial Supporting by Governments, NGOs for Vermiculture 27.Glossary, University Questions

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