Animal Biotechnology


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Number of Pages : 488
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1.Introduction,2.Concepts of Genetic Engineering,3.Restriction Enzymes,4.Modification Systems, 5.Cloning Vectors,6.Gene cloning,7.DNA Library,8.Integration of Desired Gene into the Vecto,9.Introduction of rDNA into Host Cells 10.Selection (Screening) of Recombinants,11.Blotting Techniques,12.Animal Cell and Tissue culture,13.Cell culture Technique 14.Cell Types,15.Organ Culture,16.Somatic Animal Cell Fusion,17.Hybridoma Technology and monoclonal antibody production 18.Stem cell Biology,19.DNA Sequencing,20.Molecular Markersand their applications,21.Animal Bioreactors 22.Transgenic Animal Technology,23.Gene Knockout,24.Bioethics,25.Biosafety,26.Patenting of Biotechnological Products, 27.Genomics,28.Spotters,29.University Questions.                    

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