Animal Diversity – Invertebrata and Chordata


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1.Introduction to Invertebrata ,2.Principles of Taxonomy and Binomial Nomenclature,3.Protozoa ,4.Paramecium,5.Entamoeba histolytica,6.Plasmodium,7.Porifera,8.Ascon Sponge (Leucosolenia),9.Canal System in Sponges,Cnidaria (Coelenterata),Obelia ,Corals,Coral Reefs,Platyhelminthes, Fasciola hepatica,Parasitic Adaptation of Liver Fluke,Aschelminthes (Nematoda),Ascaris lumbricoides,Dracunculus medinensis,Wuchereria bancrofti, Annelida, Earthworm, Biological Significance of Earthworm, Metamerism, Arthropoda, Penaeus,Social Life in insects, Social Life in Ants, Social Life in Honey Bee, Honey Bees as a Beneficial ,Lac Insects as a Beneficial Insect,Silk Moth as a Beneficial Insect, Oryctes rhinoceros as a Pest of Coconut, Leptocorisa acuta as Pest of Paddy, Mollusca, Pila globosa, Pearl Culture and Pearl Industry, Cephalopods are Advanced Molluscs, Echinodermata ,Star Fish,Larval forms of Echinodermata,University Solved Question Papers, Introduction to Chordata, Protochordata, Balanoglossus, Ascidian, Amphioxus, Agnatha, Pisces, Scoliodon, Shark, Accessory Respiratory Organs in Fishes, Migration of Fishes,Migratory Fishes,Parental Care in Fishes, Amphibia, Rhacophorus, Ambystoma,Axolotl,Parental Care in Amphibia,Reptilia,Chelone mydas,Chamaeleon,Draco,Cobra,Identification of Poisonous and non- Poisonous Snakes of South India,Venom Apparatus, Bitting Mechanism and First Aid, Aves, Columbia livia,Migration of Birds,Flight Adaptations, Mammalia,Rabbit, Dentition in Mammals,Egg Laying Mammals, Adaptations of Aquatic Mammals, University Solved Question Papers