1. Sucrose from Biochemistry book
  2. Structure of amino acid from Biochemistry book
  3. Plant Physiology
  4. PCR from Biotechnology book
  5. Osmo regulation in fresh water fish from Animal Physiology book
  6. NEET Physics
  7. How to prepare for NEET
  8. Lycopodium from Pteridophytes Gymnosperms Paleobotany
  9. Lamarckism from organic evolution book
  10. Immune response from Immunology book
  11. Haemophilia from Genetics book
  12. Conduction of heart from Animal Physiology
  13. Chloride shift from Animal Physiology
  14. Breeding hapa from Aquaculture
  15. 24 hour chicken embryo from Developmental zoology
  16. 12th Standard Biology as per CBSE / NCERT Syllabus
  17. 10th Standard Science as per CBSE / NCERT Syllabus
  18. Catalogue