Cell Biology and Molecular Biology


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1.Introduction, 2.Microscopy, 3.Cytological Techniques, 4.The Cell, 5.Protoplasm, 6.Plasma Membrane, 7.Membrane Transport, 8.Cell Signalling, 9.Cell Wall, 10.Ergastic Substances, 11.Plastids, 12.Endoplasmic Reticulum, 13.Ribosomes, 14.Golgi Complex, 15.Lysosomes, 16.Mitochondria, 17.Centrosome, 18.Cilia and Flagella, 19.Microtubules, 20.Microfilaments, 21.Microbodies, 22.Vacuoles, 23.Nucleus, 24.Chromosomes, 25.Cell Division, 26.Nucleic Acids, 27.Gene, 28.Genetic Code, 29.Protein Synthesis, 30.Transcription, 31.Replication of DNA, 32.DNA Repair, 33.Regulation of Gene Expression, 34.DNA is the Genetic Material, 35.Mutation, 36.Chromosomal Aberrations, 37.Fertilization, 38.Parthenogenesis, 39.Bacteria, 40.Viruses, 41.Cancer, 42.Effect of Radiation on Cells, 43.Aging, 44.Apoptosis, 45.Stem Cells, 46.Laboratory Experiments, 47.Glossary, 48.Questions and Answers.