Applied Zoology

Applied Zoology


Dairy Farming
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1. Introduction to Applied Zoology,2. Vermiculture,3. Introduction to Bee keeping,4. Identification of Honey Bees, 5. Choice of Bee in Apiculture,6. Principles of Beekeeping ,7. Beekeeping Methods,8. Hives,9. Appliances of Apiaries,10. Honey Extraction ,11. Honey, 12. Bees-Wax,13. Bee Venom ,14. Swarming ,15. Queen Rearing ,16. Sericulture,17. Lac Culture,18. Introduction to Aquaculture,19. Culture of Indian Major Carps, 20. Tilapia Culture,21. Trout Culture,22. Shrimp Culture ,23. Culture of Freshwater Prawns,24. Sewage Fed Fish Culture,25. Intergrated Fish Farming , 26. Ornamental Fish Culture,27. Live Feed Culture,28. Oyster Culture ,29. Pearl Industry ,30. Dairy Farming,31. Poultry Keeping.

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