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1. Introduction to Bioinformatics, 2. Historical Perspectives of Bioinformatics, 3. Landmarks in Human Genome Project, 4. Basics of Computer, 5. Biological Databases and its Significance, 6. Computational Biology, 7. Bioinformatics Tools, 8. Sequence Alignment, 9. Phylogenetic Analysis, 10. Proteomics, 11. Genomes and Proteomes available in the Web, 12. Statistical Softwares Available in the Web, 13. Laboratory works, 14.History of Bioinformatics 15.Importance of Bioinformatics 16.Components of Bioinformatics 17.Bioinformatics in Life 18.The Cell 19.Chromosomes 20.Nucleic Acids 21.DNA 22.RNA 23.Gene 24.Genetic Code 25.Replication of DNA 26. Transcription 27.Protein Synthesis 28.Amino Acids 29.Proteins 30.Biological Sequence Analysis 31.Database Software Tools 33.Protein Structure Visualizing Tools 34.X-ray Crystallography 35. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 36.Cytometry 37.Nucleic Acid Hybridization 38.DNA Sequencing 39.Protein Sequencing 40. Microarray 41.Polymerase Chain Reaction 42.Isolation of Specific Gene 43.Gel Doc 44.Glossary.