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ISBN : 9789384826956
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Number of Pages : 380
Edition : 1 Format : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Saras Publication


1. Introduction to Nanotechnology,2. History of Nanotechnology,3. Fundamental Concepts of Nanotechnology,4. Scope and Applications of Nanotechnology,5. Nanomaterials,6. Properties of Nanomaterials,7. Bulk Materials Vs Nanomaterials,8. Classification of Nanomaterials,9. Metal Oxide Nanoparticles,10. Metal Nanoparticles,11. Ceramic Nanoparticles,12. Quantum Dots,13. Core Shell Quantum Dots,14. Nanocomposites,15. Micellar Nanoparticles,16. Synthesis of Nanomaterials,18. Ball Milling,19. Bottom-Up Approach,20. Co-Precipitation,21. Sol-Gel Method of Nanoparticle,22. Electrodeposition,23. Synthesis of Nanoparticles Using Natural Sources,24.Chemical Vapor Deposition,25. Fullerene,26. Nanotubes,27. Carbon Nanotubes,28. Formation of Carbon Nanotubes,29. Q-Carbon, New Form of Carbon,30. Carbon Nanofiber,31. Carbon Nanotubes Vs Carbon,32. Uses of Nanotubes,33.Biological Applications of Nanotubes,34. Nanomotors,35.X-ray Crystallography,36. Scanning Probe Microscope,37. Electron Microscope,38. Fluorescence Microscope,39. Measurement Techniques for Nanomaterials,40. Applications of Nanomaterials,41. Glossary,42. Index,