1. Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture,2. Scope of Plant Tissue Culture,3. Importance of Plant Tissue Culture,4. History of Plant Tissue Culture Technology,5. Tissue Culture Laboratory Organization,6. Tissue Culture Laboratory Requirements,7. Sterilization Techniques,8. Nutrient Media,9. Composition of Nutrient Medium,10. Preparation of Stock Solutions,11. Preparation of Culture Medium,12. Types and Methods of Plant Tissue Culture,13. Totipotency of Cells,14. Callus Culture,15. Apical MeristemCulture,16. Protoplast,17. Protoplast Culture,18. Isolation of Protoplasts,19. Protoplast Fusion,20. Selection of Hybrid Protoplasts,21. Regeneration of Hybrid Plants,22. Importance of Protoplast Fusion,23. Cybrid,24. Artificial Seeds,25. Production of Artificial Seeds,26. Introduction to Genetic Engineering,27. Techniques of Genetic Engineering,28. Construction of Recombinant DNA,29. Isolation of Specific Genes,30. Enzymes Used in Gene Cloning,31. Restriction Enzymes,32. Restriction Modification Systems,33. Gene Cloning Vectors,34. Plasmids,35. Properties of Plasmids,36. Plasmid Types,37. Properties of an Ideal Gene Cloning Vector,38. pBR 322,39. pUC8,40. Ti Plasmid,41. Disarmed Ti Plasmids,42. Bacteriophage Vectors,43. Lambda Phage Vector,44. M13 Bacteriophage Vector,45. Cosmids,46. Phagemids,47. Plant Viral Vector – CaMV of Cosmid,48. cDNA Libraries,49. Agrobacterium Mediated Gene Transfer in Plants,50. DNA Transfer Techniques,51.Microinjection,52. Calcium Phosphate- Chemical Methods of DNA Transfer (Transfection),53. Electroporation (Electrical Method of DNA Transfer),54. Bacterial Conjugation,55. Bacterial Transformation-Natural Method of DNA Transfer,56. GeneticallyModified Plants (GM Plants),57. Bt Brinjal,58. Golden Rice,59. Bt Cotton,60. Bioethics,61. Identification or Selection of Recombinants,62. Insertional Inactivation,63. Immunological Method,64. Colony Hybridization,65. Selection of Recombinants Using Reporter Genes,66. Blotting Techniques,67. Southern Blotting,68. Northern Blotting,69.Western Blotting,70. Mutagenesis,71. Site Directed Mutagenesis,72. Random Mutagenesis,