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Author : N. Arumugam, S. Prasanna kumar, L.M. Narayanan, R.P. Meyyan, K. Nallasingam
Number of Pages : 696
Format : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Saras Publication


1.Introduction, 2.Biomolecules, 3.pH, 4.Buffer System, 5.Oxidation and Reduction, 6.Isomerism, 7.Chemical Equilibrium, 8.Redox Reactions, 9.Carbohydrates, 10.Lipids, 11.Proteins, 12.Nucleic Acids, 13.Enzymes, 14.Coenzymes, 15.Vitamins, 16.Animal Hormones, 17.Plant Hormones, 18.Prostaglandins, 19.Pigments, 20.Alkaloids, 21.Protein Synthesis, 22.Cyclic AMP, 23.Bioenergetics, 24.Cell Respiration and Biological Oxidations, 25.Metabolism of Carbohydrates, 26.Metabolism of Proteins, 27.Metabolism of Lipids, 28.pH meter, 29.Centrifuge, 30.Spectroscopy, 31.Chromatography, 32.Electrophoresis, 33.Laboratory Experiments, 34.Spotters, 35.Glossary, 36.Index.