Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Evolution and Ecology Volume 2


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ISBN : 9789382459934
Author : N. Arumugam, R.P. Meyyan
Number of Pages : 584
Format : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Saras Publication


62.Introduction to Evolution, 63.Orgin of Life, 64.Evidences of Evolution, 65.Lamarckism, 66.Neo-Lamarckism, 67.Darwinism, 68.Neo-Darwinism, 69.Mutation Theory of De Vries, 70.Modern Version of Mutation Theory, 71.Natural Selection, 72.Hardy-Weinberg Law, 73.Genetic Drift, 74.Adaptive Radiation, 75.Post-Adaptation and Pre-Adaptation, 76.Patterns of Evolution, 77.Speciation, 78.Isolating Mechanisms, 79.Introduction to Ecology, 80.Evironment, 81.Medium, 82.Substratum-Soil, 83.Temperature, 84.Light, 85.Population Ecology, 86.Community Ecology, 87.Ecosystem, 88.Biogeochemical Cycles, 89.Habitat Ecology-Fresh Water Habitat, 90.Marine Habitat, 91.Estuary, 92.Terrestrial Habitat, 93.Environmental Pollution, 94.Natural Resourceses, 95.Wild Life Management, 96.Zoogeography, 97.Phytogeography, 98.Adaptations,99. Index.