1 . Introduction,2. History of Evolution,3. Origin of Earth,4. Structure of Earth,5. Evolution of Earth Over Time,6. Theories on Origin of Life,7. Biochemical Origin of Life,8. Urey and Miller’s Experiment, 9. Origin of Prokaryotes (Origin of the First Cell),10. Origin of Eukaryotic Cell,11. Origin of Multicellular Organisms,12. Evidences for Evolution,13. Evidences from Morphology and Comparative Anatomy,14. Homologous Structures,15. Vestigial Organs,16. Analogous Structures,17. Homologous Structures vs Analogous Structures,18. Adaptive Radiation,19. Parallel Evolution,20. Convergent Evolution,21. Atavism,22. Connecting Links,23. Embryological Evidences, 24. Biogenetic Law or Recapitulation Theory,25. Physiological and Biochemical Evidences,26. Taxonomic Evidences,27. Palaeontological Evidences,28. Geographical Evidences,29. Genetical Evidences,30. Lamarckism,31. Neo-Lamarckism,32. Darwinism,33. Darwinism Vs Neo-Darwinism,34. Darwinism Vs Lamarckism,35. Darwinism Vs DeVriesm,36. Sexual Selection Theory,37. Artificial Selection Theory,38. Theory of Pangenesis,39. Alfred Russel Wallace, the Forgotten Evolutionist ,40. HMS Beagle,41. Galapagos Archipelago,42. Darwin’s Finches,43. Neo-Darwinism,44. Mutation Theory of De Vries,45. Modern Version of Mutation Theory,46. Natural Selection,47. Stabilizing Selection (Normalizing Selection),49. Disruptive Selection (Diversifying Selection),50. Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution ,51. Genetic Assimilation,52. Genetic Homeostasis ,53. Non-Adaptive Traits ,54. Polymorphism,55. Balanced Polymorphism,56. Transient Polymorphism,57. Balanced Polymorphism vs Transient Polymorphism,58. Origin of Polymorphism,59. Variation,61. Fisher’s Theorem,62. Genetic Load,63. Genetic Death,64. Genetic Canalization,65. Phenetics,66. Cladistics ,67. PheneticsVs Cladistics,68. Gradualism,69. Punctuated Equilibrium,70. Gradualism Vs Punctuated Equilibrium,71. Phylogenetic Trees,72. Construction of Phylogenetic Trees,73. Monophyly,74. Polyphyly,75. Paraphyly,76. Molecular Phylogenetics ,77. Elemental Forces of Evolution,78. Founder Principle,79. Genetic Drift,80. Polyploidy81. Hardy-Weinberg Law,82. Gene Pool,83. Gene Frequency,84. Explanation of Hardy -Weinberg Equilibrium,85. Hardy-Weinberg Law and Evolution,86. Species and Species Concepts,87. Subspecies,88. Sibling Species ,89. Deme,90. Semi-Species,91. Speciation,92. Phyletic Speciation,93. True Speciation,94. Mechanism of Speciation,95. Patterns of Speciation,96. Allopatric Speciation,97. Sympatric Speciation,98. Parapatric Speciation ,99. Peripatric Speciation,100. Quantum Speciation,101. Factors Affecting Speciation,102. Isolating Mechanisms,103. Geographical Isolation,104. Reproductive Isolation,105. Ecological Isolation,106. Seasonal Isolation,107. Ethological Isolation,108. Mechanical or Morphological Isolation ,109. Physiological Isolation,110. Gametic Mortality Isolation,111. Cytological Isolation,112. Zygotic Mortality Isolation,113. Hybrid Inviability Isolation,114. Hybrid Sterility Isolation,115. Hybrid Breakdown Isolation,116. Origin and Evolution of Isolating Mechanisms,117. Role of Isolation in Speciation,118. Neoteny and Evolution,119. Molecular Evolution ,120. Postadaptation,121. Preadaptations,122. Patterns of Evolution,123. Sequential Evolution ,124. Divergent Evolution,125. Divergent Evolution vs Convergent Evolution,126. Microevolution,127. Salient Features of Microevolution,128. Mechanism of Microevolution,129.Macroevolution,130. Mechanism of Macroevolution,131.Megaevolution,132.Quantum Evolution,133. Coevolution, 134. Origin of Higher Categories,135. Orthogenesis,136. Evolution of Horse,137. Evolution of Elephant,138. Evolution of Man,139. Evolution of Man as Seen in the Fossil Record,140. Important Fossils of Human Evolution,141. Cultural Evolution of Man,142. Milestones of Cultural Evolution,143. Future Evolution of Man,144. Fossils,145. Fossil Formation,146. Dating of Fossils,147. Incompleteness of Fossil Record ,148. Geological Time Scale,149. Hadean Eon,150. Archean Eon,151. Proterozoic Eon,152. Phanerozoic Eon,153. Paleozoic Era,154. Mesozoic Era,155. Cenozoic Era,156. Indian Fossils,157. Living Fossils ,158. Extinction,159. Mass Extinction,160. Coextinction ,161. Animal Distribution,162. Biogeography ,163. Zoogeography,164. Oriental Region,165. Australian Region,166. Neotropical Region,167. Ethiopian Region,168. Nearctic Region,169. Palaearctic Region,170. Zoogeography and Evolution ,171. Insular Fauna,172. Continental Islands,173. Oceanic Islands,174. Mimicry,175. Mimicry and Evolution,176. Colouration,177. Colouration and Evolution,178. Adaptive Radiation,179. Adaptive Radiation in Placental Mammals,180. Adaptive Radiation in Darwin’s Finches,181. Adaptive Radiation in Annelida ,182. Glossary,183. University Questions,184. Index,