Environmental Biotechnology


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Number of Pages : 288
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1.introduction to Environmental Biotechnology, 2.Environmental Spheres, 3.Pollution Measurement, 4.Biomonitoring of Pollution, 5.Management of Metal Pollution, 6.Biofuels, 7.Biogas, 8.Bio-Hydrogen, 9.Petroleum Plants, 10.Sewage Treatment, 11.Water Recycling, 12.Soil Concervation and Fertility Restoration, 13.Sustainable Agricultural Management, 14.Biodegration, 15.Bioremediation, 16.Global Environmental Problems, 17.Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming, 18.Ozone Layer Depletion, 19.Acid Rain, 20.Remote Sensing and its Application in Ecology, 21.Glossary.