1.Introduction to Plant Physiology, 2.Plant Cell: The Unit of Function, 3.Water Relations of Plants, 4.Soil Water Relations and Colloids, 5.Absorption of Water, 6.Transpiration, 7.Ascent of Sap, 8.Mineral Nutrition, 9.Absorption of Minerals, 10.Enzymes, 11.Photosynthesis, 12.Special Modes of Nutrition, 13.Nitrogen Metabolism, 14.Carbohydrate Metabolism, 15.Lipid Metabolism, 16.Translocation of Organic Solutes, 17.Respiration in Plants, 18.Plant Growth and Growth Regulators, 19.Plant Movements, 20.Physiology of Flowering, 21.Physiology of Fruit Ripening, 22.Dormancy and Germination of Seeds, 23.Physiology of Aging in Plants, 24.Photomorphogenesis, 25.Plant Rhythms, 26.Stress Physiology, 27.Secondary Metabolites, 28.Laboratory Works, 29.Glossary, 30.University Questions, 31.Index.