Genetics Evolution and Biostatistics


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1. Introduction to Genetics, 2. Mendelism, 3. Mendel’s Law,4. Law of Segregation and Monohybrid Experiment,5. Law of Independent Assortment and Dihybrid Experiment,7. Heterozygote, 8. Hybrid,9. Genotype and Phenotype,10. Back Cross,6. Homozygote,11.Test Cross,12. Complete Dominance,13. Incomplete Dominance,14. Lethal Factor,15. Complementary Factor,16. Supplementary Factor,17. Duplicate Factor,18. Epistasis,19. Polygenic Inheritance (Multiple gene Inheritance),20. Inheritance of Wheat Kernel,21. Inheritance of Ear Length in Maize,22. Linkage,23. Crossing Over,24. Sex Determination in Plants,25. Cytoplasmic Inheritance (Extra Nuclear Inheritance),26. Male Sterility in Corn,27. Population Genetics,28. Hardy Weinberg Law,29. Factors Affecting Hardy-Weinberg Law and Evolution,30. Watson and Crick Model of DNA,31. DNA Replication,32. DNA as a Genetic Material,33. Genetic Code,34. Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes,35. Operon Hypothesis,


1. Introduction to Evolution,2. Origin of Life,3. Urey and Miller’s Experiment,4. Morphological Evidences For Evolution,5. Lamarckism,6. Darwinism,7. Mutation Theory of De Vries,8. Modern Synthetic theory of Evolution,9. Species Concepts,10. Speciation,11. Allopatric speciation,12. Sympatric Speciation,


1. Introduction to Biostatistics,2. Scope of Biostatistics,3. Basic Concepts of Biostatistics,4. Data,5. Collection of Data,6. Methods of Data Collection,7. Sampling,8. Sampling Methods,9. Census,10. Classification of Data,13. Isolating Mechanism,11. Tabulation of Data,12. Interpretation of Data,13. Graphic Presentation of Data,14. Histogram,15. Frequency Polygon,16. Diagrammatic Presentation of Data,17. Line Diagram,18. Bar Diagram,19. Pie Diagram,20. Pictogram and Cartogram,21. Measures of Central Tendency (Averages),22. Mean,23. Calculation of Mean for Individual Observation,24. Calculation of Mean for Discrete Series,25. Calculation of Mean for Continuous Series,26. Median,27. Calculation of Median for Individual Series,28. Calculation of Median for Discrete Series,29. Calculation of Median for Continuous Series, 30. Mode,31. Calculation of Mode for Individual Observation,32. Calculation of Mode for Discrete Series,33. Calculation of Mode for Continuous Series,34. Measures of Dispersion,35. Standard Deviation,36. Calculation of standard Deviation for individual observation,37. Calculation of standard Deviation for Discrete Series,38. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Continuous Series,39. Standard Error,40. Easy way to Remember the Formulae for Standard Deviation,41. Chi-Square Test,42. University Questions,