1.Introduction to Genetics, 2.Mendelism, 3.Genic Interaction, 4.Multiple Alleles, 5.Multiple Gene Inheritance, 6.Linkage, 7.Crossing Over, 8.Chromosome Map, 9.Non-Mendelian Ratios, 10.Sex Determination in Animals, 11.Sex Linked Inheritance, 12.Non-Disjunction, 13.Mutation, 14.Twins, 15.Human Chromosomes, 16.Simple Mendelian Traits in man, 17.Inborn Errors of Metabolism, 18.Chromosomal Abnormalities, 19.Syndromes, 20.Eugenics, 21.Euthenics, 22.Pedigree Analysis, 23.Genetic Prognosis, 24.Genetic Counseling, 25.Effect of Drugs on Human Heredity, 26.Microbial Genetics, 27.DNA is the Genetic Material, 28.Cytoplasmic Inheritance, 29.Population Genetics, 30.Inbreeding and Outbreeding, 31.Glossary, 32.Index. 1.Introduction to Genetic Engineering, 2.Concepts of Genetic Engineering, 3.Methodology of Genetic Engineering, 4.Construction of Recombinant DNA, 5.Gene Cloning, 6.Tools used in Genetic Engineering, 7.Linking of Desired Gene with Vector DNA, 8.Gene Cloning Vectors, 9.In vitro Construction of pBR322, 10.In vitro construction of Cosmid, 11.Preparation of Desired DNA, 12.Introduction of rDNAs into Host Cells, 13.Selection of Recombinants, 14.Expression of Cloned Genes, 15.Polymerase Chain Reaction (CR), 16.Blotting Techniques, 17.DNA Sequencing, 18.Molecular Markers and their applications, 19.Genomic Library, 20.cDNA Libraries, 21.Chromosome Walking, 22.Chromosome Jumping, 23.Genetically Engineered Microorganisms, 24.Transgenic Plants, 25.Transgenic Animals, 26.Biohazards of Recombinant DNA Technology, 27.Applications of Genetic Engineering, 28.Glossary.