1. Introduction to Computers,2. Types of Computers and their Specifications,    3. Server, 4. Desktop Computers, 5. Laptops,6. Tablet Computer ,7. Smart Phones,8. Block Diagram of Digital Computer,9. Principles of Computer,10. Input Devices,11. Output Devices,12. CPU (Central Processing Unit),13. Types of Memory,14. Display ,15. Ports,16. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) ,17. Setting up of Computer,18. Maintenance of Computer,19. Computer Software,
20. System Software,21. Application Software,22. Utility Software,23. Operating System(OS),24. Basics on Windows,26. Database Management and its Applications,27. Office Automation Software,28. Microsoft Word and its Application,29. MS Power Point,30. Microsoft Excel,31. Introduction to Computer Network,32. LAN,33. WAN,34. MAN,35.Wired Network,
36. Wireless Network,37. Wi-Fi,38. Network Devices,39. Modem,40. Switch,41. Router,42. Broad Band,43. Leased lines,44. Internet,45.WWW,46. Uniform Resource Locator (URL),47. Web Browser,48. Electronic Mail (e-mail),49. SMS,
50. MMS,51. Client Server Computing,52. Cloud – Public and Private Cloud,
53. Mobile Applications,54. E-governance Initiative by the Government,55. Digital India Platform,56. Agencies Enabling Digital India,57. Electronic Payment and Receipt,58. Digital Locker,59. E-district Service,60. Electronic Signature Service,61. Digital AIIMS,62. India BPO Promotion scheme,63. Integrated Nutrient Management,64. GIS,65. Mobile Seva App Store,66.GARV-Grameen Vidyutikaran,67. E-Learning,68. Digital Library,69. e – Journals,
70. Introduction to MOOC,74. SWAYAM,71. Edex,72. Coursera,73. Udacity,
75. NPTEL,76. Cyber Security,77. Virus,78.Malware,79. Network Security,
80. Hacking,81. Big Data,82. Data Analytics,83. Social Networks,84. Social Media Analytics,85. Introduction to IT Act,