1. Introduction to Biostatistics,2. Scope of Biostatistics,3. Concepts of Biostatistics,4. Data,5. Collection of Data,6. Methods of Data Collection,7. Statistical Investigation,8. Collection of Data by Direct Personal Investigation,9. Collection of Data by Indirect Oral Investigation,10. Collection of Data by Information Through Correspondence,11. Collection of Data Through Questionnaire Method,12. Data Collection Through Experiments,13. Census,14. Sampling,15. Sampling Methods,16. Processing of Data,17. Interpretation of Data,18. Classification of Data,19. Tabulation of Data,20. Methods of Classification of Data,21. Frequency Distribution,22. Variables,23. Diagrammatic Presentation of Data,24. Line Diagram,25. Bar Diagram,26. Pie Diagram,27. Pictogram and Cartogram,28. Graphic Presentation of Data,29. Graphs of Time Series (Line Graphs),30. Graphs of Frequency Distribution,31. Histogram,32. Frequency Polygon,33. Frequency Curve,34. Ogive Curve (Cumulative Frequency Curve),35. Graphic Location of Mode,36. Graphic Location of Median Using Frequency Curves and Ogive,37. Measures of Central Tendency (Averages),38. Mean,39. Calculation of Mean for Individual Observation,40. Calculation of Mean for Discrete Series,41. Calculation of Mean for Continuous Series,42. Correcting Incorrect Mean (Misread items),43. Combined Arithmetic Mean,44. To Find out an Unknown Value using Mean,45. Median,46. Calculation of Median for Individual Series,47. Calculation of Median for Discrete Series,48. Calculation of Median for Continuous Series,49. Graphic Location of Median by Ogive ,50. Mode,51. Calculation of Mode for Individual Observation,52. Calculation of Mode for Discrete Series,53. Calculation of Mode for Continuous Series,54. Graphic Location of Mode,55. Measures of Dispersion,56. Range,57. Standard Deviation,58. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Individual Observation,59. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Discrete Series,60. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Continuous Series,61. Easy way to Remember the Formulae for Standard Deviation,62. Variance,63. Standard Error,64. Coefficient of Variation,65. Graphic Method of Dispersion (Lorenz Curve) ,66. Correlation Analysis,67. Methods of Studying Correlation,68. Graphic Methods of Studying Correlation ,69.Mathematical Methods of Studying Correlation,70. Regression Analysis ,71. Comparison of Correlation and Regression,72. Methods of Studying Regression,73. Regression Lines,74. Regression Equations,75. Probability,76. Basic Concepts of Probability,77. Kinds of Probability,78. Measures of Probability,79. Theorems of Probability,80. Permutations and Combinations,81. Problems on Probability,82. Theoretical Distributions,83. Binomial Distributions,84. Poisson Distributions,85. Normal Distributions (Continuous Probability Distribution),86. Testing of Hypothesis and Tests of Significance,87. Null Hypothesis,88. Tests of Significance for Large Samples,89. Tests of Significance for Small Samples,90. Student’s ‘t’ Test,91. Chi-Square Test ,92. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA),93. Tables,94. Glossary,95. Index,