1. Introduction to Biostatistics,2. Scope of Biostatistics,3. Concepts of Biostatistics,4. Data,5. Collection of Data,6. Methods of Data Collection,7. Sampling,8. Sampling Methods,9. Variables ,10. Presentation of Statistical Data,15. Pie Diagram,16. Histogram,17. Frequency Polygon,18. Frequency Curve ,19. Measures of Central Tendency (Averages) ,20. Mean,21. Calculation of Mean for Individual Observation ,22. Calculation of Mean for Discrete Series,23. Calculation of Mean for Continuous Series,24. Median ,25. Calculation of Median for Individual Observation,26. Calculation of Median for Discrete Series,27. Calculation of Median for Continuous Series,28. Mode ,29. Calculation of Mode for Individual Observation, 30. Calculation of Mode for Discrete Series,31. Calculation of Mode for Continuous Series,32. Measures of Dispersion ,33. Variance,34. Range, 35. Standard Deviation,36. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Individual Observation,37. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Discrete Series,38. Calculation of Standard Deviation for Continuous Series ,39. Standard Error ,40. Coefficient of Variation,41. Chi-Square Test ,42. Student’s ‘t’ Test,43. Correlation ,

Computer Application

1. Introduction to Computer,2. Generations of Computer,3. Components of Computer,4. Input Devices,5. Output Devices,6. CPU (Central Processing Unit) ,7. Memory Unit,8. Operating System,9. Microsoft Word ,10. Microsoft Office Software,11. Microsoft Word Menus,12. Creating a Word Document,13. Adding Bullets,14. Numbering ,15. Adding Symbols,16. Printing ,17. Spread Sheet,18. Presentation Software,19. Microsoft Power Point,20. Microsoft Excel,21. Pie Chart Preparation,22. Bar Chart Preparation,23. Line Chart Preparation,24. Column Chart Preparation,25. Internet ,26. Internet Browsing,27. E-mail ,28. World Wide Web,


1. Introduction to Bioinformatics,2. History ofBioinformatics,3. Importance of Bioinformatics,4. Scope and Applications of Bioinformatics,5. Components of Bioinformatics,6. Bioinformatics in Life Science,7. Biological Sequence Analysis,8. Sequence Alignment,9. Global Alignment ,10. Local Alignment,11. Pairwise Sequence Alignment,12. Multiple Sequence Alignment ,13. Major Databases in Bioinformatics,14. Nucleic Acid Sequence Databases,15. EMBL,16. Gen Bank,17. Protein Sequence Databases,18. Swiss-Prot ,19. Database Similarity Search Tools,20. BLAST,21. FASTA,22. Applications of Bioinformatics Tools ,23. Database Retrieval Tools,24. Entrez,25. Locus Link,26. PubMed (Publishers on Medicine),27. SRS,28. Protein Structure Visualizing Tools,29. RasMol ,30. Swiss – PDB Viewer,31. University Questions and Answers .