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1. Introduction to Horticulture;2. Divisions of Horticulture;3. Importance of Horticulture;4. Seed Propagation;5. Nurseries;6. Transplanting;7.Orchards;8. Establishment of Orchard;9.Orchard Cultivation;10.Vegetative Propagation; 11. Cuttage ;12. Layerage;13.Budding;14.Graftage;15.VegetativePropagation by Specialized Plant Parts;16.Micropropagation;17.Garden;18.Gardening;19.Garden Plants;20.Garden Implements and Tools;21. Irrigation;22.Manuring;23. Plant Protection;24. Insect Pests of Horticulture;25. Non Insect Pests;26. Plant Diseases;27. Plant Growth Regulators;28. Training;29. Pruning;30. Fruit Culture;31. Cultivation of Mango;2.Cultivation of Banana;33.Cultivation of Citrus;34. Cultivation of Grapes;35. Cultivation of Guava;36. Cultivation of Papaya;37. Cultivation of Pomegranate;38.Cultivation of Coconut ;39. Storage of Fruits ;40. Unfruitfulness ;42. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables;43. Arboriculture;44.Olericulture;45. Classification of Vegetables;46. Purpose of Vegetables;47. Cultivation of Vegetables;48. Cultivation of Tomato;49.Cultivation of Brinjal;50.Cultivation of Chillies;51. Cultivation of Lady’s Finger;41. Fruit Drop;52. Cultivation of Cucumber; 53. Cultivation of Pumpkin;54.Cultivation of Ash Gourd;55. Cultivation of Bitter Gourd;56. Cultivation of Snake Gourd;57. Cultivation of Ribbed Gourd;58. Cultivation of Bottle Gourd;59. Cultivation of Chow Chow; 60. Cultivation ofWatermelon;61. Cultivation of Peas;62.Cultivation of Cowpea; 63. Cultivation of Cluster Beans; 64.Cultivation of French Beans;65. Cultivation of Lab Lab;66. Cultivation of Bellary Onion;67. Cultivation of Small Onion;68. Cultivation of Garlic (Allium sativum);69. Cultivation of Tapioca (Manihot esculenta);70.Cultivation of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea betatas);71. Cultivation of Elephant Yam(Amorphophallus companulatus);72. Cultivation of Colacasia;73.Cultivation of Siruvalli Kizhangu(Dioscorea esculenta);74. Cultivation of Potato(Solanumtuberosum);75. Cultivation of Radish (Raphanus sativus) ;76.Cultivation of Beet Root (Beta vulgaris);77. Cultivation of Carrot (Daucus carota);78. Cultivation of Cabbage(Brassica oleracea var. capitata);81. Cultivation of Knol Khol (Brassica caulorapa) ;82. Cultivation of Greens (=Keerai) Amaranthus sps.;83.Cultivation of Basella (Basella alba);84. Cultivation of DrumStick;85. Cultivation of Curry Leaf (Murraya koeniyi);86. Rockery;87.RockGardens;88. Lawn;89.WaterGardens;90.KitchenGarden;91. IndoorGardening ;92. Potted Plants;79.Cultivation of Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var botrytis);80.Cultivation of Turnip (Brassica rapa);93.Hanging Basket;94. Bonsai;95.Bromeliad Tree;96.Terrarium;97.BottleGarden;98.DishGarden;99. Horticultural Show;100. Floriculture;101. Cultivation of Roses;102.C ultivation of Jasmines;103. Cultivation of Chrysanthemum;104. Display of Flowers;105. Flower Arrangement;106. Dry Decoration ;107. Cut Flowers;108.Bouquets;109.Greenhouses;110. Terrace Gardens; 11. Soil-less Cultures;112.Glossary;Index