Developmental Zoology


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1. Introduction,2. Scope of Developmental Zoology,3. Gametogenesis, 4. Spermatogenesis,5. Oogenesis,6. Vitellogenesis,7. Polar Bodies,8. Comparison of Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis,9. Fertilization,10. Physiological Changes in Fertilization, 11. Activation of Egg,12. Pre-fertilization Events,13. Post-fertilization Events,14. Polyspermy,15. Parthenogenesis,16. Significance of Cleavage,17. Development of Chick,18. Egg of Chick,19. Sperm of Chick,20. Fertilization in Chick,21. Cleavage in Chick, 22. Blastula in Chick,23. Fate map of Chick,24. Gastr-ulation in Chick,25. Chick Embryo-Forty Eight Hours,26. Chick Embryo- Seventy two Hours,27. Organogenesis of Frog,28.Development of Brain in Chick,29. Development of heart in Chick,30. Extra EmbryonicMembranes in Chick,31. Placenta inmammals,32. Development of Placenta,33. Regeneration in Planaria, 34. Epimorphosis,35.Morphallaxis,36. Regeneration in Amphibia, 37.Hormonal Control of Amphibian Metamorphosis,38.Nuclear Transplantation in Acetabularia,39. Morphogenetic Fields, 40. Gradient Hypothesis,41. Spemann and Mangold’s Experiment,42. Organizer,43. Embryonic Induction,44. Inductive Tissue Interactions,
45. Neural Induction,46. Manipulations of Reproduction in Human,
47. Infertility,48. IUI,49. In vitro Fertilization,50. Artificial Insemination,51. Test Tube Babies ,52.Amniocentesis,53. Birth Control,54. Contraceptive Devices,55. Surgical method of Birth Control,56. Hormonal method of Birth Control,57. Physical barriers of Birth Control,58. IUCD,59. MuseumSpecimen,60. Glossary, 61.UniversityQuestions