Taxonomy of Angiosperms
V. Kumaresan , Annie Ragland .
ISBN 9789382459668
Pages : 224
1.introduction to Angiosperms,2.Modification of Roots,3.Modification of Stem 4.Modification of Leaf,5.Phyllotaxy,6.Types of Inflorescence,7.Herbarium,8.Principles of Taxonomic Hierarchy 9.Botanical Nomenclature,10.Systems of Classification,11.Annonaceae,12.Brassicaceae,13.Sterculiaceae, 14.Rutaceae,15.Caesalpinioideae,16.Myrtaceae,17.Cucurbitaceae,18.Apiaceae,19.Rubiaceae,20.Sapotaceae 21.Apocynaceae,22.Asclepiadaceae,23.Lamiaceae,24.Euphorbiaceae,25.Liliaceae,26.Poaceae,27.Glossary 28.University Questions and Answers

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