Home Aquarium and Ornamental Fish Culture
K.V. Jayashree, C.S. Thara Devi, N. Arumugam
ISBN 9789384826529
Pages : 508
1.Introduction to Aquarium,2. Home Aquarium, 3. Aquarium Tanks, 4. Construction of Tanks, 5. Setting a Home Aquarium, 6. Selection of Ornamental Fishes, 7. Introduction of Aquarium Fishes, 8. Aquarium Substrates, 9. Aquarium Equipments, 10. Heating, Lighting and Aeration, 11. Filtration, 12. Water Quality Managements, 13. Marine Aquarium, 14.Community Aquarium, 15. Public Aquarium, 16. Aquarium Plants, 17. Aquarium Plant Nutrition, 18. Aquarium Invertebrates, 19. Common FreshwaterAquarium Fishes, 20. Common Marine Aquarium Fishes, 21. Egg Laying Ornamental Fishes, 22. Live-Bearing Aquarium Fishes, 23. Reproductive Biology of Ornamental Fishes, 24. Breeding in Aquarium Fishes, 25. Induced Breeding, 26. Development of Aquarium Fishes, 27. Parental Care Among Ornamental Fishes, 28. Fish Nutrition, 29. Artificial Fish Feed, 30. Feeding, 31. Live Feed, 32. Live Feed Culture for Fishes, 33. Aquarium Fish Diseases, 34. Glossary, 35.M.S.University Questions

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