Genetics, Biometrics and Bioinformatics
N. Arumugam, R.P. Meyyan, V. Kumaresan, R. Sundaralingam
ISBN 9789382459361
Pages : 256

Genetics - 1. Introduction to Genetics, 2. Mendelism, 3. Genic Interactions (Factor Hypothesis),4. Polygenic Inheritance, 5. Multiple Alleles, 6. DNA is the Genetic Material, 7. Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, 8. Replication of DNA, 9. Genetic Code, 10. Regulation of Gene Expression
Biometrics - 11. Introduction to Biometrics, 12. Collection of Data, 13. Measures of Central Tendency (Average), 14. Measures of Dispersion, 15. Chi-Square Test, 
Bioinformatics - 16. Introduction to Bioinformatics, 17. Basic Knowledge in Computer, 18. Internet and Browsing, 19. Virtual Library, 20. Online Literature, 21. Major Databases in Bioinformatics, 22. University Questions

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