Fundamentals of Plant Anatomy and Microtechniques
ISBN 9788193307663
Pages : 280
1. Introduction, 2. Meristematic Tissues, 3. Permanent Tissues, 4. Simple Permanent Tissues, 5. Complex Permanent Tissues, 6. Structure of Dicot Stem, 7. Structure of Monocot Stem, 8. Structure of Dicot Root, 9. Structure of Monocot Root, 10. Structure of Dicot Leaf, 11. Structure of Monocot Leaf, 12. Secondary Growth in Dicot Stem, 13. Secondary Growth in Dicot Root, 14. Anomalous Secondary Growth in Dicot Stem, 15. Anomalous Secondary Growth in Monocot Stem, 16. Nodal Anatomy, 17. Leaf Trace and Leaf Gap, 18. Epidermal Tissue System, 19. Stomata, 20. Epidermal Appendages, 21. Microscopy, 22. Microtechniques, 23. Temporary Mounting, 24. Microtome, 25. Fixation, 26. Stains and Staining, 27. Preparation of Permanent Slides, Glossary, M.S University Questions

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