Developmental Botany & Experimental Embryology
Annie Ragland, V. Kumaresan
ISBN 9788189941512
Pages: 160
1. Introduction to Embryology, 2. Organization of Typical Flower, 3. Life Cycle of Angiosperms, 4. Anther- Structure and Development, 5. Pollen grain(Microsporogenesis), 6. Pollen grain-Structure and Development of male Gametophyte, 7. Ovule (Megasporangium), 8. Special structures of Ovule, 9. Megasporogenesis, 10. Female Gametophyte (Polygonum type), 11. Fertilization, 12. Endosperm, 13. Endosperm Haustoria, 14. Dicot Embryo, 15. Monocot Embryo, 16. Polyembryony, 17. Apomixis, 18. Anther Culture, 19. Pollen Culture, 20. Embryo Culture, 21. Practical and Spotter, Glossary, Index

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