Computer Programming
Meena Vijayabharathi.
ISBN 9789382459682
Pages : 552
1.Introduction,2.Computer Generations,3.Classification of Computers, 4.Computer Organization,5.Number Systems and Computer Codes,6.Need for Logical analysis and Thinking 7.Problem Formulation and problem Solving,8.Introduction to C Programming,9.Operators and Expressions, 10.Managing Input and Output Operators,11.Decision Making – Branching and Looping,12.Solving Simple Scientific and Statistical Problems 13.Arrays,14.Handling of Character Strings,15.Simple Programs,16.User-Defined Functions,17.Pointers,18.Structures, 19.Union,20.The C Pre-processor,21.Appendixes,22.Glossary,23.Index,24.Solved University Questions, 25.Solved University Questions

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