Biostatistics, Computer Application and Bioinformatics
V. Kumaresan , N. Arumugam , A. Gopi , A. Meena , R. Sundaralingam
ISBN 9789382459910
Pages : 472
1.Introduction to Biostatistics, 2.Collection of Data, 3.Variable, 4.Classification of Data, 5.Tabulation of Data, 6.Graphic Presentation of Data, 7.Diagramatic Presentation of Data, 8.Measures of Central Tendency, 9.Measures of Disperation, 10.Standard Error, 11.Chi-Square Test, 12.Student's 't' Test, 13.Correlation, 14.Frequency Distribution, 15.Probability, 16.Regression Analysis, 17.Theoretical Probability Distributions, 18.Introduction to Computer, 19.Components of a Computer, 20.Generations of Computer, 21.Data Representation in Computers, 22.Operating System, 23.Windows, 24.Linux, 25.Data Base Management System, 26.Lotus 1-2-3, 27.Problem Solving Using Computer, 28.MS Office, 29.MS Word, 30.Spread Sheet, 31.Presentation Software, 32.MS-Excel, 33.Internet, 34.E mail, 35.E-Commerce, 36.Medical Transcription, 37.Information Network, 38.Introduction to Bioinformatics, 39.History of Bioinfromatics, 40.Biological Sequence Analysis, 41.Major Databases in Bioinformatics, 42.Database Similarity Search Tools, 43.Database Retrieval Tools, 44.Protein Structure Visualization Tools, 45.University Questions.

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