Author : N. Arumugam
ISBN 9789382459989
Pages : 480
1. Introduction to Aquaculture, 2. Aquaculture in India, 3. World Fisheries (Aquaculture in the World), 4. Aquatic pollution, 5. Water Quality Management, 6. culturable organisms, 7. Culture systems, 8. Fish ponds, 9. Preparation of Fish pond (Construction of Fish pond), 10. Management of Fish Farms (Maintenance of Fish Farms), 11. Seed Collection, 12. Hypophysation, 13. Transport of fish seeds, 14. Fin Fish Culture (Indian Major Carps), 15. Tilapia culture, 16. Trout Culture (Coldwater fish Culture), 17. Shrimp Culture (Culture of Marine Prawn), 18. Culture of Freshwater prawn, 19. Edible Oyster Culture, 20. Pearl culture, 21. Sewage fed fish culture, 22. Integrated fish farming,23. Ornamental fish culture, 24. Seaweed culture, 25. Fish Feed, 26. Live Feed, 27. Fish Diseases, 28. Weed control, 29. Predator control, 30. Crafts and Gears, 31. Preservation of Fishes, 32. Fish Marketing, 33. Government Participation in Aquaculture, 34. Glossary, 35. University Questions, Index

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