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ISBN : 9789386519580
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Number of Pages : 264
Edition : 1 Format : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Saras Publication



1. Importance of Sericulture,2. Moriculture,3. Diseases of mulberry,4. Habits and habitats of silkworm,5. Morphology of silkworm,6. Anatomy of silkworm,7. Development of silkworm,8. Silkworm diseases, causes and prevention,9. Rearing of silkworm,10. Mounting, spinning and harvesting of cocoons,11. Marketing of cocoons,12. Cocoon reeling,13. Process of cocoon reeling,14. Appliances used for reeling,15. Raw silk and marketing,16. Wild silkworm rearing – Tasar, Muga, Eri


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