Microbiology and Techniques in Biology


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1. Introduction to Microbiology,2. History and Development of Microbiology
3. Classification of Microorganisms,4. Bacteria,5. Structure of Bacteria,
6. Common Bacteria,7. Bacterial Classification,8. Nutritional Types of Bacteria,9. Bacterial Respiration,10. Bacterial Reproduction,11. Media Preparation for Bacteria,12. Pure Culture Techniques of Bacteria,13. Gram Staining Techniques,14. Viruses,15. General Structure of Viruses,
16. Classification of Viruses,17. TMV Virus,18. T4 Bacteriophages,
19. HIV,20. Viroids,21. Virions,22.Mycoplasma (Mollicutes),23. Transmission of Viruses,24. Purification of Viruses,25.Microbes in Food Production,26. Food Spoilage,27. Food Poisoning,28. Food Preservation,29. Food Infections,30. Bacterial Flora in Milk,31. Pasteurization of Milk,32. Dairy Products,33. Bacterial Pathogens of Milk,34. Drinking Water as a Vehicle of Diseases,35. Bacterial Pathogens and Water Pollution,
36. Water,37. Purification of Water,38. Methods of Direct Gene Transfer,39. Microscopy,
40. Applications of Light and Dark Field Microscopy,41. Electron Microscope,
42. Scanning Microscope, 43. Transmission Electron Microscope44. Phase Contrast Microscope,45. Flourescence Microscope,46. PolarizationMicroscope,47. Dark Field Microscope,48. Camera Lucida,49. Identification of Recombinants,50. Selection of Recombinants,