1. Introduction,2. Sub-divisions of Zoology,3. Biodiversity,4. Taxonomy and Biosystematics, 5. Principles of Taxonomy, 6.Molecular Taxonomy,

7.DNA Barcoding, 8.History of Taxonomy, 9. Theories of Biological Classification,10.Methods of Classification, 11.Domains and Kingdoms,12.Taxonomy of Hierarchy,

13. Species Concepts,14. ICZN,15. International Code of Zoological Nomenclature-ICZN code, 17. Dichotomous Key, 18. Invertebrates, 19.Classification of Animals, 20.Classification of Animals based on Grades of Organization,21.Classification of Animal based on Symmetry,22. Classification Based on Body Cavity,23.Metamerism,24. The Miracle of Origin and Evolution of Plants and Animals, 25. Locomotion in Invertebrates,26.AmoeboidLocomotion,27.Flagellar Locomotion, 28.Ciliary Movement,29. Locomotion in Neries, 30.Locomotion inEarthworm,31. Locomotion in Leech,32.Locomotion inEchinodermata,33. Digestive System of Invertebrates,34. Filter Feeding in Polychaetes,35. Filter Feeding inMollusca,36. Respiration in Invertebrates,37.Respiration in Arthropoda,38.Gill Respiration in Arthropoda,39.GillRespiration in Mollusca,40.Gill Respiration in Echinodermata,41. Lung Respiration,42.Tracheal Respiration,43.Respiratory Pigments,44. Excretion in Invertebrates,45. Excretion in Protozoa,46.Excretion in Planaria,47. Excretion in Liver Fluke,48. Excretion in Taenia Solium,49. Excretion in Ascaris,50. Excretion inAnnelida,51.Excretion inArthropoda,52. Excretion in Pila,53. Excretion in Freshwater Mussel, 54. Excretion in Sepia,55. Excretion in Star Fish,56. Circulatory Systemof Invertebrates,57.Circulation in Neries,58.CirculationinEarthworm,59.Circulation in Leech,60.Circulation in Palaemon,61.Circulation in Cockroach,62.Circulation in Grasshopper, 63.Circulation in Honey Bee, 64.Circulation inHouse Fly,65.Circulation in Scorpion,66.Circulation in Centipede,67.Circulation in Pila,68.Circulation in FreshwaterMussel ,69.Circulation in Sepia,70. Evolution of Nervous Systemin Invertebrates,71. Nervous Systemin Hydra,72. Nervous Systemin Obelia,73. Nervous SysteminAurelia,74. Nervous System in Sea Anemone,75. Nervous Systemin Planaria,76. Nervous Systemin Liver Fluke,77. Nervous System in Taenia Solium,78. Nervous System inAscaris,79. Nervous System in Nereis,80. Nervous SysteminMegascolex (Earthworm),81. Nervous Systemin Pheretima,82. Nervous System in Leech,83. Nervous Systemin Penaeus (Marine Prawn),84.Nervous Systemin Palaemon (Freshwater Prawn),85. Nervous Systemin Cockroach,86. Nervous System in Grasshopper,87. Nervous System in Honey Bee,88. Nervous System in Housefly,89. Nervous Systemin Scorpion,90. Nervous System in Pila,91. Nervous System in Freshwater Mussel,92. Nervous System in Sepia,93. Nervous Systemin Star Fish, 94. Nervous Systemin Sea Urchin,95. Nervous Systemin Sea Cucumber,96. Nervous System in Sea Lily, 97. Endocrine Systemof Crustaceans, 98. EndocrineGlands in Insects,99. Pheromones, 100.Allelochemicals,101.Reproduction,102. Larval Forms of Sponges,103. Larval Forms of Obelia , 104. Larval Forms of Aurelia,105. Larval Forms of Liver Fluke,106. Larval Forms of Taenia Solium, 107. Larval Forms ofAscaris,108. Larval Forms ofAnnelida,109. Larval Forms of Crustacea, 110. Larval Forms of Insecta,111. Larval Forms of Mollusca,112. Larval Forms of Echinodermata, 113.Minor Phyla,114.Ctenophora-General Characters, 115.Ctenophora Classification,116. Pleurobrachia, 117.Affinities of Ctenophora,118. Mesozoa,119. Rotifera,120.Nemertinea or Rhynchocoela, 121.Endoprocta, 122.Acanthocephala, 123.Gastrotricha, 124.Kinorhyncha, 125.Nematomorpha,126.Ectoprocta (Bryozoa), 127.Brachiopoda, 128.Phoronida,129.Chaetognatha,130.Priapulida,131. Sipunculida, 132.Echiuroidea,133. Pogonophora,134. Introduction to Phylogeny,135. BiogeneticLaw (Recapitulation Theory),136. Gastrea Theory,137.Origin of Metazoa,138.Origin of Bilateria, 139.Archiannelida, 140.Origin and Phylogeny of Annelida,141.Origin of Arthropoda, 142.Onychophora, 143.Trilobita, 144.Eurypterida (Gigantostraca),145.Xiphosura , 146.Origin of Mollusca , 147.Archimollusca, 148. Phylogeny of Mollusca,149.Neopilina,150.Nautiloids,151.Ammonoidea, 152. Belemnites, 153.Origin of Echinodermata,154. Phylogeny of Echinodermata ,