1.Introduction to Fungi,2.Thallus Structure of Fungus,3.Fungal Nutrition, 4.Reproduction in Fungi ,5.Classification of Fungi,6.Albugo,7.Mucor,8.Peziza,9. Puccinia.10.Economic Importance of Fungi,11.Role of Fungi in Medicine, 12.Role of Fungi in Industry,13.Role of Fungi in Agriculture,14. Role of Fungi in Food andMFood Products,15.Introduction to Plant Pathology,16.Tikka Disease of Groundnut,17.Red Rot of Sugarcane,18.Citrus Canker,19.Bunchy Top of Banana,20.TobaccoMosaic Disease,21.General Account of Lichens,22.Types of Lichens,23. Reproduction in Lichens,24.Economic Importance of Lichens,25.Usnea, 26.Glossary,University Questions,