Fundamentals of Horticulture and Plant Breeding


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1.Introduction to Horticulture, 2. Seed Propagation, 3. Nurseries, 4. Transplanting, 5. Orchards, 6. Vegetative Propagation, 7. Garden, 8. Rockery,9. Lawn, 10. Water Gardens, 11. Gardening, 12. Kitchen Garden, 13. Indoor Gardening, 14. Introduction to Plant Breeding, 15. Selection Methods, 16. Hybridization, 17. Production of New Varieties, 18. Mutation Breeding, 19. Breeding for Disease Resistance, 20. Glossary, 21. M.S.University Questions


20. Scope of Horticulture,21. Vegetative Propagules,22. Bulb,23.Sucker,24. Corm,25. Advantages of Vegetative Propagation,26. Disadvantages of Vegetative Propagation,27. Garden Implements and Tools,28. Topiary,29. Organic Manures,30. Growth Regulators in Horticulture, 31. Plant Protection Measures for Horticulture,32. Insect Pests,33. Control of Insect Pests,34. Mechanical Control of Insect Pests,35. Cultural Control of Insect Pests,36. Biological Control of Insect Pests, 37. Chemical Control of Insect Pests,38. Nature of Pesticides,39. Non-Insect Pests and their Control, 40. Pathogens,41. Nature of Plant Breeding,42. Plant Introduction,43. Heterosis,44. Heterosis Breeding,45. Polyploidy,46. Polyploidy Breeding,47. Applications of Polyploidy,48. M.S. University Questions,