Fundamentals of Ecology and Toxicology


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1. Introduction to Ecology,2. Environment,3. Abiotic Factors,4. Temperature,5. Light,6. Biotic Factors,7. Producers,8. Consumers,9. Decomposers,10. Ecosystem,11. Pond Ecosystem,12. Forest Ecosystem, 13. Food Chain, 14. Food Web,15. Trophic Levels,16. Energy Flow,17. Ecological Pyramids,18. Animal Relationships,19. Commensalism,20.Mutualism,21. Antagonism,22. Antibiosis,23. Parasitism,24. Predation,25. Competition,26. Population Ecology,27. Population Density,28. Natality in Population,29. Mortality in Population,30. Age Distribution and Age Pyramid,31. Population Growth,32. Population Equilibrium,33. Population Fluctuations,34. Regulation of Population Density,35. Animal Dispersion,36. Community Ecology,37. Concepts of Community,38. Community Stratification,39. Community Periodicity,40. Community Interdependence, 41. Ecotone and Edge Effect,42. Ecological Niche,43. Ecological Succession, 44. Desert Adaptations,45. Cave Adaptations, 46.Wild Life Conservation, 47. Endangered Species,48. Conservation Methods for Endangered Species , 49. Sanctuaries,50. National Parks,51. Remote Sensing, 52. Urbanization,53. Introduction to Toxicology,54. Toxicants (Toxic Agents), 55. Outline Classification of Toxicants,56. Mode of Action of Pesticides,57. Mode of Action of Metals,58. Mode of Action of Solvents, 59. Mode of Action of Carcinogen, 60. Mode of Action of Poisons,61. Environmental Toxicology and Public Health,