Environmental Studies (MK)


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1. Introduction to Environmental Studies,2. Scope of Environmental Studies,3. Structure of Earth,4. Components of Earth,5. Origin of Earth,6. Evolution of Earth Over Time,7. Natural Resources,8. Forest Resources, 9. Timber Extraction,10.Benefits of Forest,11. Conservation of Forests,12. Deforestation and Desertification,13. Overexploitation of Forests,14. Mining,15. Dams,16. Water Resources, 17.Overutilisation of Water,18. Mineral Resources,19. Food Resources,20. Energy Resources,21. Types of Energy Resources, 22. Solar Energy,23. Fossil Fuels,24. Wind Energy,25.Hydroelectric Energy,26.Tidal Energy,27. Ecology, 28. Ecosystem,29.Components of Ecosystem(Structure of Ecosystem),30.Dynamics of Ecosystem (Functions of Ecosystem),31. Energy Flow,32. Food Chain,33. Food Web,34. Pond ecosystem, 35. Biogeochemical Cycles,36. Nitrogen Cycle,37. Carbon Cycle,38. Phosphorus Cycle,39. Water Cycle,40. Introduction to Biodiversity,41. Values of Biodiversity,42. Threats to Biodiversity,43. Conservation of Biodiversity,44. Biodiversity of India,45. India as a Mega Diversity Nation,46. Hotspots of Biodiversity,47. National Biodiversity Authority,48. Pollution,49. Air Pollution,50. Water Pollution,51. Soil Pollution,52. Marine Pollution,53. Noise Pollution,54. Thermal Pollution,55. Nuclear Pollution,
56. Global Warming,57. Greenhouse Effect,58. Ozone Layer Depletion,59. Sustainable Development,60. Sustainable Agriculture,61. Organic Farming,62. Irrigation,63. Rainwater Harvesting,64. Waste Recycling,65. Wastewater Recycling,66. Solid Waste Recycling, 67. Cyber Wastes,68.Cyber Waste Management,69. Disaster Management,70. Floods,71. Drought,72. Earthquake,73. Tsunami,74. Landslides, 75. Avalanche,76. Cyclone,77. Hurricane,78. Rehabilitation,79. Road Safety,80. Traffic Signals,81. Conduct of Road Safety Awareness Programs,82. Village Adoption,83. Role of Colleges in Village Adoption,84. Role of Teachers in Village Adoption,85. Role of Students in Village Adoption,