10th Science Practicals


This book contains Model Question Papers -4 sets, chapter wise Unit Test Questions and practicals.  prepared as per 10th Standard Tamilnadu State Board Syllabus.

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Sample Chapters : 10th Science Practicals



Model Question Papers

Model Question Paper -1

Model Question Paper -2

Model Question Paper -3

Model Question Paper -4

Chapter wise Unit Test Questions

  1. Laws of Motion
  2. Optics
  3. Thermal Physics
  4. Electricity
  5. Acoustics
  6. Nuclear Physics
  7. Atoms and Molecules
  8. Periodic Classification of Elements
  9. Solutions
  10. Types of Chemical Reactions
  11. Carbon and its Compounds
  12. Plant Anatomy and Plant Physiology
  13. Structural Organisation of Animals
  14. Transportation in Plants and Circulation in Animals
  15. Nervous System
  16. Plant and Animal Hormones
  17. Reproduction in Plants and Animals
  18. Heredity
  19. Origin and Evolution of Life
  20. Breeding and Biotechnology
  21. Health and Diseases
  22. Environmental Management
  23. Visual Communication



1.Determination of weight of an object using the principle of moments.

2.Determination of focal length of a Convex.

3.Determination of Resistivity.


1.Identify the dissolution of the given salt whether it is Exothermic or    Endothermic.

2.Testing the Solubility of the Salt.

3.Testing the water of Hydration of Salt.

4.Test the given sample for the Presence of Acid or Base.


1.Photosynthesis – Test tube and funnel experiment.

2.Parts of a Flower.

3.To study the Law of Dominance.

4.Observation of Transverse section of Dicot Stem and Dicot Root.


1.Observation of Models – Human Heart  and Human Brain.

2.Identification of Blood cells.

3.Identification of Endocrine glands.